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You might think it'll be a daunting process, but its not!
Step 1
Tell Us What's On Your Mind
Give us a brief description of what you are looking for such as the number of shirts and the artwork. And we can handle the rest.(Don’t worry we can also design something for you as well if you like)
Tshirt Wonder How It Works
Step 2
Let Our Designer Do His Magic
Our artist will send back a mock up so that you can see what your Amazing Custom Printed Shirts will look like before they even go to the press. Once we have the approval on the mock up then all we need to do is to take care of the invoice and we are all set to move to the next step.
Tshirt Wonder How It Works
Step 3
Sit Back And Relax.
We got it from here. Your shirts will move forward to production. We will call text or e-mail you when they are ready for delivery or pick up. Lastly if you like we would be more then happy to text you pictures of them as they come off the belt.
Step 4 (Optional But Recommended)
Tell Us (And Everyone) How You Feel!
Now that you've got your order shipped and worn, tell us (and everyone) how amazing your experience was! If it wasn't, definitely tell us and we'll improve!
Its time to show some love!

How we do our Embroidery?

Embroidery is not as straight-forward as printing!
Instead of vectorizing we turn to the process called digitizing. This program tells the computer where to stitch the specific colors of thread in order to get the desired look of your design. We can generally use most file types. Such as PNG, JPEG, AI, EPS, PSD etc…
Basically if you can see it on the computer then we can digitize it. The main limitation is based on the garment that you will be having embroidered.
To the left is a picture of what Rick sent me. He was looking to get some cool hats made with the logo of one of his favorite cars. To the right is what the file looks like after it was professionally digitized. He was extremely happy with the way they turned out. It is always something special to see someone’s eyes light up when they see the final product.
This logo to the left I personally created myself. It was simple and straight forward text. Not much editing required. To the right is what the end result of the digitizing came out to be. Since we have designs professionally digitized we can maintain a higher level of sharp crisp lines that most other companies can’t.
Terri from the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association can in the other day looking to have a couple of her shirts embroidered instead of printed. To the right is the vector art that we have on file and to the left is a patch of what the result ended up being. To say she was ecstatic would be an understatement. When she took them down to Gingerman Raceway could not get enough of them.
This was a design that we created to help with the branding for Family Fitness. Mic wanted something to pass out to people that they would actually wear. After I saw the hats, I was not surprised to see him wearing one every time we ever had a meeting. Ecstatic would be the best way to describe the reaction the best. This order was especially fun seeing the way they came out.

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