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Our artist will send back a mock up so that you can see what your Amazing Custom Printed Shirts will look like before they even go to the press. Once we have the approval on the mock up then all we need to do is to take care of the invoice and we are all set to move to the next step.
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We got it from here. Your shirts will move forward to production. We will call text or e-mail you when they are ready for delivery or pick up. Lastly if you like we would be more then happy to text you pictures of them as they come off the belt.
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Our T-Shirt Printing Methods

Printing T-Shirts is a special combination of part art and part science. Often you can achieve the same result by using many different inks, screens, and methods. At the end of the day the most important result is customer satisfaction. Do you like the what you ordered and how it was printed? And will it last?
So you might ask yourself this question:

What is the correct printing method to make my shirts look the best?

The main thing that we have found that determines what style of printing we use is the artwork. Do you have standard shapes of solid colors? Are you looking for a black and white image? Would you like a gold or foil shine to the ink? Would you like a full color picture? We can do it all. Here are some examples and explanations of the different styles.
Multi-Spot Color Tshirt Printing
Multi-Spot Color
Multi-Spot Color prints yield a very bright and lively result. Spot Color will work well on both dark and light color garments. Also, the ink color you are looking for will be the exact color you will get. This helps to greatly increase the quality of Specific PMS color matches because we have a very specific area that we are printing that specific color. The Pantone color you ask for is the Pantone color you get.
Soft Hand Printing
This is one of my most preferred ways of printing. We have a special mix of a reducer and soft hand additive that helps to reduce the feel of the printing on the shirt. Have you ever put on a shirt and it feels like you are wearing a piece of plastic? I have and it is not pleasant and we try to avoid that as much as possible. This printing method is really good for lighter shirts or darker shirts with a distressed look to them. When we use the soft hand additive we are normally only printing 1 layer of ink into the fabric so therefore it gives more of a fabric feel to the design.
Soft Hand Tshirt Printing
Gold and Silver Foil Tshirt Printing
Gold and Silver Foil
Foiling is a two part process which results in a shining metallic print. It tends to take longer to press but the result can be phenomenal. Any design can be foiled to add a degree of flash to your shirts. An entire design or a select portion of a design can be foiled. There are many different colors to choose from. The most popular colors are Silver and Gold.
Shimmer inks make a design have a “glittery” texture. An easy way to make your shirts stand out! Shimmer inks appear to be bright and metallic. We have many different colors to choose from such as Red Shimmer, Green Shimmer, Brite Gold Shimmer, Silver Shimmer, Black Shimmer and much more.
Gold and Silver Shimmer Tshirt Printing
Simulated Process Tshirt Printing
Simulated Process
Simulated Process is perfect for creating a photorealistic image. The process consists of using a lot of halftone dots to mix and blend the ink colors directly on the shirt during the printing process. You have most likely seen it in real life but have not noticed it. We use the same proceed as the News Paper companies use to create images. If you look closely at the picture on the newspaper you will see little tiny dots that create the image. We use a specialized program to that uses many specific ink colors that blend to create all desired shades. This is one of my favorite ways to print t-shirts. Looks fantastic on both light and dark colored shirts!
Halftone Bitmap
Are you on a tight budget and looking to save money on your custom printed shirts? There is a really good way to reduce the number of print colors and therefore reduce the cost without effecting the quality of the art. We can use a series of little tiny dots to simulate different colors. This process uses the color of the shirt to help the different shades that are possible with the ink.
Halftone Bitmap Tshirt Printing

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